A Botanical Trail for Perpezac-le-Blanc

In the southwest of the Corrèze district, "Les amis de Perpezac-le-Blanc" is asking the Veolia foundation for aid to create a botanical trail. Publics of all ages can visit and discover the fauna, the flora, as well as part of the local history.

Environment and Biodiversity

Perpezac-le-Blanc, France

Thibaut Gathellier

11 400 € to the Selection Committee at 2007/07/03

Project leader

Les amis de Perpezac le Blanc

"The idea is to highlight the local environment and facilitate its discovery. The botanical trail, which is chiefly aimed at children, will also offer an opportunity to relate the history of the lords of Perpezac."
Thibaut Gathellier

In the far west of the Corrèze département (bordering the Dordogne), the commune of Perpezac-le-Blanc is perched on a rock spur. On this counterfort of the Massif-Central, where limestone and red sandstone soils alternate, nature is diverse and abundant. To enhance the discovery of its flora and fauna, the commune has decided to create a botanical teaching trail, designed for just about everyone.

The many information panels marking out the route will tell the families about the plant and animal species, both original and threatened. Botanical booklets and fact sheets aimed at the children will supplement this study "in the field". And besides, to complete the discovery, some panels will relate the history of the lords of Perpezac: this little village (population under 2000) actually has three castles, evidence of its gloried past.