A bus to travel the long road to school

The association Lovisa Kope is dedicated to the development of a group of villages located 70 km northwest of Lomé. For some time, it has been looking for a bus to convey the children to school and to the dispensary.

Social and Employment

70 km northeast of Lomé, Togo

François Lagrange

4000 € to the Selection Committee at 2006/03/28
  Project leader Lovisa Kope

«  The president of the association, Marie-Claude Lovisa, did a tremendous job: she has devoted herself fulltime for several years as well as her money (until now she was the exclusive financial backer). The population elected her Queen of the Village! The vehicle will be a considerable help for this fast growing village »

François Lagrange

Created by a highly active French woman, Marie-Claude Lovisa, the association Lovisa Kope has been dedicated for many years to the development of a group of villages located northwest of Lomé. For example, she has launched projects related to health, education and food self-sufficiency. A farm, a school, a healthcare cabin and an orphanage have been created through the years. However, insofar as they concern the population of several villages, these facilities are necessarily quite distant from beneficiaries. Several children, in particular, have to travel several kilometers by foot daily to go to school.

The dawn of busing

To find a solution, Lovisa Kope applied to Veolia Transport. The company donated a bus worth 4500 euros, transported to the spot in April 2006 via the ports of Antwerp and Lomé. Offering 27 seats, it will transport the children to school, and also to the health center or dental center.
the Veolia foundation joined this simple but eagerly awaited project with a grant of 4500 euros for the transport and customs clearance of the vehicle. To the ultimate joy of the children, relieved from their long daily march.