The butterfly, a symbol of biodiversity: a conservation project for this natural heritage

After the first three years of scientific work on the conservation of butterflies, Noé Conservation is initiating the second phase of its biodiversity observatory today for the 2009-2011 period. Aiming at a long-term projection and operation.

Environment and Biodiversity


Fabienne Degarne

30 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2009/03/31

Project leader

Noé Conservation

« This project involves each and every one of us, in our everyday world, to help protect ecosystems. Its unique approach is in combining a nature conservation project at the grassroots level with a drive to bring about awareness and so change behavior. »

Fabienne Degarne

The nonprofit association Noé Conservation, founded in 2001, wants to safeguard the biodiversity through the conservation of endangered species and by encouraging changes in behavior.

In 2005, it initiated the first phase of the "Butterflies & Garden" program, the first observatory of biodiversity dedicated to the mass public. With success, because the project was disseminated in more than a hundred countries, translated into 12 languages, and helped count 600 000 butterflies, identify annual variations, organize a network of voluntary observers, and test gardening practices, etc.

Armed with the success and scientific importance of this program, Noé Conservation wants to perpetuate its action today, thanks to the backing of major players in sustainable development, like the Veolia Foundation.

Reinforcing the educational and participative aspect

Over the next three years, the nonprofit plans to track the evolution of the butterfly populations over a medium-term period.

Based on this bio-indicator, and in collaboration with scientific partners (French National Museum of Natural History), hopes to chart a national map and recommend regional management measures.
It also wants to reinforce the four major aspects of the program: the observatory of the garden butterflies, through the involvement of private individuals; "My 10 Commitments for the Garden", in other words, changes in behavior and an educational operation with the schools; sustainable management of large spaces (flowery fallow land, ecological management practices, light pollution); and safeguarding endangered butterflies.
It does these things alongside the local associations.

Within this framework, Noé Conservation has applied to the Veolia foundation in particular for the production and broadcasting of educational, scientific and communication supports aimed to promote the conservation of our biodiversity.