A "city" for the wellbeing of children

How to help the children of disadvantaged families follow school programs without difficulty, to discover new artistic activities ... in short, to blossom? The association Soziokulturelles Zentrum e.V. is trying to provide a solution by founding a new structure: the City of Children.

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Delitzsch, Germany

Jeannine Weigel

15 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2009/06/16

Project leader

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"I live in a village near Delitzsch and work in the town. My two children, aged 5 and 8, are precisely in the age bracket addressed by the City of Children. I know from my own experience that there is no comparable project in Delitzsch, despite its 27,000 inhabitants. There isn't a single initiative that is so completely and professionally committed to the education and wellbeing of the younger generation.It's truly a project worth supporting!"

Jeannine Weigel

Since 1993, the association Soziokulturelles Zentrum e.V has been proposing various cultural activities to the inhabitants of the town of Delitzsch: dance, music, theater, language and literature, sculpture, initiation into information technology.Its offer has burgeoned over the years.In 2004, for example, it focused on the socio-educational accompaniment of women, the elderly, handicapped persons, and on aid to migrants.Its welcome center receives about 600 persons per week and has become the premier house of the generations of Delitzsch, officially recognized by a national program of the German Ministry for the Family.As a new string to its bow, Soziokulturelles Zentrum e.V. won a tender invitation in 2007 issued by the municipality for the management of a center reserved for children.

Initiation into the culinary arts in a "special" kitchen for children

"The City of Children" has set itself three complementary missions: inspire the desire for learning among the children, help them imagine their future orientation, and enable them to just feel good.To do this, it plans to develop numerous activities, working in partnership with other structures - kindergartens, schools, associations, companies and advanced schools.

Accepting children up to the age of fourteen, its action is aimed at all those whose families experience difficulties, whether foreigners or not.Its entire "offer" will be divided into several programs: the children's academy with courses adapted to the various ages, a library, an interactive museum, a language learning center; workshops for the children offering do-it-yourself, cooking, the rudiments of becoming an "inventor"; an art school (music, dance, theater, etc.); a hotel for the families to come and relax during weekends and enjoy the various events, as well as many special activities during the holidays.

The City of Children approached the Veolia Foundation for help to finalize the completion of its premises and more precisely, the children's kitchen and café.In its warm and friendly surroundings, they will be welcomed daily from 9:00am to 7:00pm, dine, particularly on the fruits grown in the garden of the center, and even learn to bake cakes and make jam!In the morning, the kitchen will be open to groups of children from the schools, and in the afternoon, to all those who want to come.Culinary initiation will also be proposed on topics like "everything about potatoes" or "how to preserve foods".

In addition to its tremendous value for the children of the town, this comprehensive initiative will, from the start, serve to hire ten persons to operate the entire structure.