Completely renovated buildings for the children of SOS Children's Villages of Jararepaguá

SOS Children's Villages Brésil has been welcoming children in distress to its villages for over 30 years. Today, Jararepaguá, one of its 10 Brazilian villages, requires a series of maintenance services for the electrical, water, sanitary installations, etc.

SOS Children's Villages Brésil is part of the SOS Children's Villages International network, a non-governmental organization for social development, active in the field of children's rights since 1949 and in 132 countries.

SOS Children's Villages Brésil, active in Brazil in 10 regions since 1968, offers family accommodation to the children who can no longer grow in their biological families. In the villages, these kids find confidence and trust; they can build their lives as they grow in a stable family environment, and be supported individually until they become young independent adults.

The children find confidence and love in the villages

The nonprofit also works with the disadvantaged families to keep the children with their parents whenever possible. The parents are offered counseling to help them manage their lives better and care for their children more adequately.

But the buildings of the Jararepaguá children's village require comprehensive renovation. Minor repairs have been made through the years, and a more complete refurbishing is becoming indispensable. The program includes painting the outdoor walls; scouring the septic tanks; reconditioning the electrical system and the restrooms.

The Veolia Foundation is participating in this project by financing the reconditioning of the electrical, water and sanitary installations.