Counseling in waste management

Tropical storm Ketsana, the strongest experienced by the archipelago in 40 years, and typhoon Parma struck the northern Philippines in October 2009, creating an emergency for nearly 2 million people.

Humanitarian and Development

Manila, Rizal et Laguna, Philippines

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Philippines, October 2009

Five eastern districts in metropolitan Manila were severely hit, along with the provinces of Rizal and Laguna.A vast amount of mud poured into the city, the sanitation network was submerged and waste of all types had to be disposed of. It was in this natural disaster context that UNICEF approached the Veolia Foundation, its stand-by partner since April 2008.A Veoliaforce team with skills in waste collection went into action locally for nearly three weeks to evaluate the waste disposal situation in the areas affected by the cyclones, primarily in Metropolitan Manila, in order to counsel the seven NGOs dealing with problems of water, sanitation and hygiene in the field.

Counseling in waste management

2 million people in emergency situation