Dental Care for the Most Destitute

The many patients who have already visited the Villepinte health center will soon benefit from dental care. A new step in the outreach accompaniment of the most destitute populations of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Social and Employment

Project leader

GOSB Villepinte

Villepinte, France

Orlane Lambert

20 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2007/07/03

"After having met them on many occasions, I was genuinely touched by the devotion and professionalism of the managers of the GOSB. With humanity and patience, they contend with difficult situations and with the terrible distress of the patients. The health centers are run by doctors, nurses and particularly devoted administrative personnel. This is a perfectly coherent project, financed by outside public and private partners. My examination of the plans and estimate of the project confirmed the value of the venture."
Orlane Lambert

The GOSB, well known for the management of its social institutions and health establishments, wants to repeat in Villepinte the formula developed successfully in its Belleville centre. The two establishments admit the same type of population, and the extension of the dental surgery was a success in Belleville.

Apart from the curative aspect, the association thereby plans to conduct its mouth-teeth prevention and awareness raising actions (food, hygiene, etc.). The dental surgery will be installed in premises belonging to the association, but which need refitting. By granting 20 000 €, the Veolia foundation is financing the project alongside the municipalities. Rendezvous in late 2007 for the commissioning of the dental chairs!

Care and Prevention

The Groupe d'Œuvres Sociales de Belleville (GOSB) association, established since 1920 in Ile-de-France, has succeeded in developing a low cost medical accompaniment service. Its 150 employees work in five structures, including the Villepinte Health Center. This center admits thousands of patients every year, often covered by the social security welfare system. Imitating the Belleville center, which extended its dental care offer in 2006, the Villepinte establishment plans to create a dental surgery. The two dental chairs will be open to the most destitute persons, for whom total or partial exemption from payment is indispensable.