A documentary resource portal on sustainable development

Maison Rhodanienne de l'Environnement assembles several associations which draw up environmental projects and help disseminate the themes of sustainable development. It is creating an online resource centre.

Environment and Biodiversity

Lyon, France

Antoine Gouesbet

20,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2009/01/27

Project leader

Maison Rhodanienne de l'Environnement

« This release of mutualized and networked information appears to me to be an original and innovative approach that will enrich the work of the MRE partner associations, while offering a closer knowledge of the topics associated with sustainable development to the publics concerned. »
Antoine Gouesbet

Maison Rhodanienne de l'Environnement (MRE) is a French 1901 law non-profit association, formed in 1994, which assembles twenty-four associations of the Rhône district, as well as Greater Lyon. At the outset, its goal was to enable these associations to pool their working capabilities, to become a reference resource hub on sustainable development, and to develop awareness projects. Since 2008, it has been developing a mutualized resource centre pooling the documentary holdings of its members, who will accordingly enjoy easy and effective access to the considerable documentation that they all have, but which is scattered for the time being. Subsequently, the centre will open its - virtual - doors to the public at large.


A mutualized portal

The MRE approached the Veolia foundation to help it finance its project, adding to the aid from the Rhône-Alpes regions and from the two municipalities which it partners. With the total budget at its disposal, it will be able to install a documentary management software in the twenty-four associations concerned, digitize and put nearly 86 000 documents online: books, pictures, sound recordings, miscellaneous studies and researches, etc. The project, approved by the MRE member associations, started spreading its wings in 2008. All the project targets have so far been met : the Veolia Foundation has agreed to back this approach with a grant. So that shortly, in addition to the associative militants primarily concerned, students, schoolchildren, teachers, parents, etc., will be able to access this extremely rich documentary treasure.