Electrifying a function room by solar energy

Partage avec l'Afrique (PAA) has been mobilized for many years alongside the inhabitants of the village of Godin Oualogtenga to help them develop. The new projects for 2008 involve photovoltaic energy.

Humanitarian and Development

Godin Oualogtenga (west of Ouagadougou), Burkina Faso

Jean-François Moal

10 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2008/03/26

Project leader

Partage avec l'Afrique

« What I particularly like about this type of project (apart from the use of solar energy and the involvement of the students of the Baronnerie High School in Angers), is the determination to perpetuate the development actions around the school of Godin. Besides, PAA also wants to build something durable by enlisting the inhabitants. It's extremely important. »

Jean-François Moal

Since 1991, Partage avec L'Afrique (PAA) has been running a development program in the village of Godin Oualogtenga in Burkina Faso.
The volunteers of this NGO have been mobilized particularly around the teachers of the communal school:
they refurbish the buildings, buy school supplies, enrich the library and sponsor the students.
An educational vegetable garden has also been created thanks to their support.

Studies, book loans and cultural animation

In 2008, with its new ambitions, PAA, the population and the teaching team, want to install electricity in one of the school annexes, in order to organize evening activities (at nightfall around 6-7pm). For example: a study for all the students wishing to do their homework in the evening, literacy courses for adults, training in singing and traditional dance, cultural events for all the villagers, a reading room and a video room.

Thanks to the help of the students and teachers of the Baronnerie High School in Angers and the backing from the Veolia foundation, a photovoltaic plant will soon be installed alongside the building. A technical room, with a roof made of solar panels, will be built on this occasion. The plant will be able to operate for two days without sunlight ... a capacity that is quite sufficient for the area.

The teachers have already volunteered to supervise the study and dispense evening courses to the adults, but in addition, three jobs will be created: a guardian to watch over the buildings, a maintenance person, and a hostess for book loans and ticket sales for the cultural events.