Getting kids off the streets and playing rugby

The Les Enfants de L'ovale du Maroc association is setting up a centre to welcome underprivileged youngsters from the Rabat region. The idea is to get 8-14 year olds off the streets and playing rugby

Social and Employment

Mers El Kheir, region of Rabat, Morocco

Jean-Pierre Dubois

30,000 € over 3 years to the Selection Committee at 2004/11/30

Project leader

Les Enfants de l'ovale du Morocco

These kids live in a semi-rural environment dotted with shantytowns at Mers El Kheir, in the Rabat region of Morocco. They are aged between 8 and 14 and are already on the very edge of society. Les enfants de l'Ovale du Maroc association was founded in 2004 with the aim of setting up and running educational projects to help children in the same way as its sister association Les Enfants de l'Ovale Française, established by the rugby star Philippe Sella. In Morocco, the chairman is a former Stade Clermontois player and captain of the national team. He knows better than anyone how important rugby is in Morocco. The oval ball is a great way to get young people into sport and off the street.
In giving children rugby training, the association is counting on local partners to provide instruction in citizenship, moral values, health and information technology.

Two hectares to play on

A two-hectare plot of land has been made available to the association by the district of Mers El Kheir for the past nine years. Ground levelling, fencing and well sinking are all finished. All that remains is to build the dressing rooms, a classroom, and premises for the caretaker while the pitch still has to be grassed. Then a community room will be built to generate revenue for the association.
The Veolia foundation has undertaken to provide 30,000 euros in funding over three years to cover the centre's major building work.