Green recycling for the Guy-Weber Park

The vocation of the Guy-Weber educational nature park in Saint-Aubin-le-Cauf is to put the handicapped persons who participate in its operations in contact with the outside world. Today, for an ecological purpose, the park wants to process its green waste on the spot.

Environment and Biodiversity

Saint-Aubin-le-Cauf, France

Pierre Sorin

8 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2012/06/05

Project leader

APEI (Association de parents et d'amis de personnes en situation de handicap) Dieppe

Parc Guy Weber website

"This project to acquire a plant grinder is perfectly feasible and viable, and fits in ideally with the educational objectives of the Guy-Weber Park. It will enable the handicapped persons to discover a new activity and to expand their knowledge and skills."

Pierre Sorin

The nonprofit Association de parents et d'amis de personnes en situation de handicap de la Région dieppoise (APEI) was created in 1966 to counsel and accommodate mentally handicapped persons. Among other activities, the APEI, via a day workshop, manages the Guy-Weber Park, an 8-hectare nature park on the commune of Saint-Aubin-le-Cauf (12km from Dieppe). In this park, open to the public, APEI promotes the social participation of handicapped persons and creates a social link with the outside world, by setting up educational events aimed at school children, recreational centers, adult groups and by welcoming many visitors, French and foreign (28 000 visitors in 2011).

Support for handicapped persons and respect for the natural environment

The tasks proposed to the score of handicapped persons employed daily are welcoming the public, planting and upkeep of various theme spaces (willow plantation, arboretum, orchard, vegetable garden, plant health garden, apiary and upkeep of double hedges in the bird sanctuary). Yet the management of green waste is problematic (transport to the drop-off center). This is why APEI wants to upgrade its waste on site, and is therefore planning to grind it. It can thus recycle its waste, produce mulch, compost and, in addition to natural soil improvement, avoid chemical treatment and more polluting upkeep.

The Veolia Foundation is participating in the purchase of a plant grinder.