Helping an entire district our of poverty!

The Kalaa district near Tetouan, Morocco has numerous difficulties due to the arrival of a poor and unemployed population. Therefore, the district has been chosen to be part of an important development program instituted by King Mohamed VI.

Social and Employment

M‚Diq, the Kalaa district., Morocco

Abdelmajid Bentaleb

80 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2007/01/31

Project leader


«The two areas for which VEF is responsible are part of a larger program,whose aim is to create conditions that will help an entire community within a district to come out of the darkness and become part of a vital community. Its mission is to create favorable economic environments».
Abdelmajid Bentaleb

Keep the youngest and the eldest busy

Next to one of the nicest Mediterranean seaside resorts, M'Diq is a city whose poulation has dramatically increased over the last years, primarily due to a rural exodus. Fifteen kilometers from Tetouan, poor peasants who no longer can support their families look to the city to find work. Currently the problem is that this population has not found employment or a place to live. There are 12 thousand inhabitants of the Kalaa district that are homeless. This is why this project has been chosen as a part of a nationwide program started by Mohamed VI. The program is named INDH.

The development will consist of various parts, all geared toward fighting unemployment. Among them : the development of employment for young people, education for all, protection for the children and help for the environment. To be more specific there will be a craft workshop for women, creation of a kindergarten, building a stadium, creation of parks and fixing up houses to live in. On one hand this program consists of helping women begin learning so they may be financially independent and on the other hand this project is creating a place where young peole can learn rules by which to live as part of a community. La Sahil, the Moroccan Association involved with this project has requested that VEF help in finishing the work on the kindergarten nand the sports stadium.

Sahil, the Moroccan association that is involved in this program has asked VEF for help in finishing the kindergarten and the sports stadium.