How educational tools about water may be used to fight isolation!

How can one go back to work when they have been unemployed for a very long time? The Mode 83 association tries to provide the answer to this question by developinga teaching tool about water.

Sponsor's testimony

«The subject chosen by the Mode83 association strongly implicates Veolia as it concerns the history of water, its professions and its preservation. All of those subjects being constant preoccupations in this region. Veolia South-West will be part of this project and will bring the trainees all its know-how. Veolia will eventualy be able to hire one of the trainees».
Philippe Briard

Recover self esteem

Ex prefecture of the Var - both administrative and military - the town of Draguignan has begun to develop as a tourist resort. This turning point has not been easy. The economic difficulties have been enormous. Seventeen percent of the population is unemployed. How can they return to work when they have been unemployed for a very long time? Mode 83, created in 2004, is determined to find a solution. The answer is training and events all dealing with the multi-media.

In order to help 9 people - 4 unemployed and 4 earning a minimum revenue - recover their self esteem, Mode 83 has launched a new program which consists of the creation of teaching multi-media tools.These are a film, a booklet and a website all dealing with the water wealth of the Draguignan region.

« Water memories in Dracénie » will tell this story of the city of Provence and the way it has been able to supply itself in drinkable water, from the Middle Ages untill now. This will give the opportunity to explain the existence of a network of underground waterways dating from the XVIIIth century, used in those times to supply the city with water.

This document, dedicated in priority to scholars, will increase the awareness of parents and children concerning water preservation. This project, both interesting humanly and professionaly, will help unemployed to slowly go back to work.