A hundred voices, a project for 1000 villages

With over a century of activity, the nonprofit Aurore is a recognized player in France in the reception and counseling of publics in difficulty. To restore confidence to this public, very often confused and lacking self-esteem, the nonprofit conceived Cent voix (a hundred voices), a project that consist in putting into images - through audiovisual workshops - their perception of themselves. Life stories which could ultimately be broadcast to the public at large.

Social and Employment

Ile-de-France and Dordogne, France

Jean-Pascal Rigolleau

€9,000 to the Selection Committee at 2012/03/06

Project leader

Aurore - Cent voix

Present in eight districts of France, the nonprofit Aurore has over 800 employees, 60 establishments and several residences. Its missions range from accommodating people in vulnerable situations to training them or even employing them, through back-to-work projects, a dynamic integration space, employment spaces or establishments of aid and health through work (ESAT). Yet the vast majority of the beneficiaries of Aurore's projects are confused about themselves and have a pervading sense of failure. They see themselves and are often seen by others as "pariahs", via expressions, such as vagrancy, lack of identity papers, delinquents, drug addicts and madness, which convey a restrictive and degrading image.

A project in the spirit of the civic values defended by this nonprofit

It is therefore to address this state of affairs that Aurore proposes Cent voix! (one hundred voices), a project which consists in setting up audiovisual workshops and organizing an annual event. In these workshops, everyone can decide to recount virtual or real slices of life and, with the help of professionals, produce his own documentary. The involvement of the participants in the production of their own image in the self-fiction mode will contribute to restoring self-confidence. As to the annual event, exhibition and Festival, its originality stems from the fact that the basic underlying proposal is reversed. Focused on the topics of exclusion, precariousness and solitude, it will be the outsiders, the vulnerable and the classless who find themselves in the front rank of the organization staff, artistic organizers and exhibitors of the event. The public will be invited to discover, in a single area, the singular view of artists and cineastes on exclusion and the equally singular view of the sidelined men and women seeking respectability. The project is in the course of writing and will be enriched as it is being prepared.

The Veolia Foundation is participating in the preparatory phase of this fine human outreach project.