Improve general awareness of COP24 commitments

Climate change is everyone's concern. The Place to B, which manages a news blog devoted to sustainable development, is convinced of this. To raise awareness of the majority of these themes and to foster commitment, the association is developing collaborative media on the results of COP24.

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Fanny Demulier

€7 500 during the Committee meeting of 28/11/2018

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The Place to B


« Place to B, created by Anne-Sophie Novel, renowned journalist, is a very interesting organisation that has been very active since COP21. It structures an international community of bloggers and journalists committed to sustainable development. Their goal is to inform the general public as much as possible and to drive changes in behaviour for a more sustainable society. »
Fanny Demulier

Launched in 2007 as Ecolo Info, the association, which changed its name to The Place to B in 2016, is positioned at the crossroads between media, ecology, and the collaborative economy. It aims to convene, study, and communicate on climate change, the environment, and the democratic transition of our societies.
To this end, it publishes the Ecolo Info blog, the first French blog providing information on ecology and sustainable development in everyday life for the general public. Having become a medium followed by tens of thousands of readers, The Place to B is not just developing on-line. The association has also regularly organised events over the past decade, including the 'apéros écolos' in Bordeaux, which were a major success during the two weeks of COP21 in late 2015.
Since this major international event, The Place to B has a new ambition: to manage a network of narrators communicating around collaborative media, to create a think tank, and produce events and campaigns fostering action around climate and transition issues.
The Veolia Foundation's support will help publish a collaborative journal reviewing COP24 and follow-up commitments up to the next COP. By combining perspectives and expertise around a joint narrative, the association means to innovate how climatic and transitional issues are talked about in France and abroad. The aim is to raise awareness and encourage people to change their behaviour for a more sustainable society.