Instilling respect when it has been forgotten

Having established a presence in dozens of French towns and cities, the "Alma" (Allô maltraitance personnes âgées) network is looking to set up a unit in Le Havre. The Veolia foundation is lending a helping hand.

Environment and Biodiversity

Seine-Maritime., France

José Oberto, Veolia Transport

2,500 € to the Selection Committee at 2005/07/05
  Project leader Alma 76

« This project concerns an issue which the Veolia foundation has yet to cover. It caught our eye because of the methods used and the high standard of the association's work. »

José Oberto

Humiliation, infantilisation, theft of property, violence, etc.: mistreatment of elderly people is far more common than we dare admit. This phenomenon affects much of the developed world and concerns an estimated 5 % of those over 65 and 15% of those over 75.
Set up in 1995, the "Alma" (Allô maltraitance personnes âgées) network aims to increase public awareness of this problem and pass on complaints and alerts to the appropriate authorities. In the space of ten years, it has branched out into fifty or so towns and cities around France. In addition to their public information campaigns, local "Alma" associations set up telephone hotlines and train volunteer operators to staff them while also providing training to carers of the elderly, whether at home or in institutions.

Every picture tells a story

Faced with growing demand in Seine-Maritime, the "Alma 76" association has decided to set up a new branch in Le Havre. This initiative has met with the approval of all local players: hospital managers, local councillors and volunteers who are active in associations.
After seeking assistance from "Cram Normandie", a supplementary pension fund, and the Conseil Général of Seine-Maritime, "Alma 76" contacted Veolia foundation to request additional funding. The 2,500 euros in funding granted will be used to purchase a video projector and laptop. These will be used by the association's managers for presenting public information sessions based on screening of personal accounts.