Job seekers and companies connected online

In Seine-et-Marne, the Plie (Plan local pour l'insertion et l'emploi—Local plan for integration and employment) set itself a goal: provide lasting employment for over 800 residents of the Melun-Val-de-Seine community. To this end, a database was created to put job seekers in direct contact with recruiters.

Social and Employment

France, Melun-Val-de-Seine community

Charles Rondeau

25,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2004/11/30

Project leader

PLIE Melun Val de Seine

« I hold a special place in my heart for this project, because it was designed to help those with true difficulty in finding a job. Thanks to Plie Melun Val de Seine, they could even join our Group. »

Alain Duplan

Despite the growing number of long-term job seekers, more and more companies are having trouble recruiting. The association Plie Melun Val de Seine, created in April 2004 by Melun-Val-de-Seine community elected officials, would like to connect these two publics and their intermediaries through exchanges and meetings with a common goal: helping as many people as possible find long-term employment. Another objective is to introduce job seekers to different professions (construction, hotel management, food services, transport, etc.) which are hampered by bad publicity or a negative image.

A complete network

Plie Melun Val de Seine has set a goal for 2004-2006: helping over 800 disadvantaged individuals find jobs (long-term job seekers, people on income support, uneducated young people or handicapped workers). These candidates receive personalised support (job search advice, training, etc.) throughout their entire integration process and for the six months that follow their return to work.
To give impetus to this project, for which networking between various players in employment is essential, a database was created to give access to all and to encourage exchange. The Veolia foundation committed to a 25,000 euro grant towards the purchase of software and ten computer stations and for the creation of an intranet site.