16 november 2018

Over 13,000 learners for SDG MOOC

13,248 have signed up… 114 countries are represented… Produced by the UVED and supported by the Veolia Foundation, the Sustainable Development Goals MOOC has broken all records. Over a six-week period, 32 teachers have conducted about fifty suites of educational content.

Do the 17 Sustainable Development Goals mean anything to you? To 13,248 inquiring minds, those SDGs are now something they know like the back of their hand. From September 3rd to October 16th, online courses have helped those learners to understand what the 17 SDGs are and the way they interact with one another. The goal was also to discover tools to better take SDGs into account in their daily routine, to express ideas and make suggestions for tangible initiatives, or to provide instances of initiatives and experiences that are already running.
The public was made up of 53% women and 47% men who came from 114 countries. 60% of those who signed up followed the course from France, and 33% from Africa.  Supported by the Veolia Foundation, like those on Biodiversity, the Causes and Challenges of Climate Change, and Ecological Engineering, the MOOC represents a true record for the UVED (Virtual University of Environment and Sustainable Development University), who produced and coordinated the course.
The MOOC’s entire range of videos is freely available under Creative Commons License (BY NC ND – “Attribution – No commercial use – No modifications) on the UVED portal in the section Les parcours thématiques  (theme-focused journeys) on broadcasting channels YouTube UVED and Canal-UVED. The MOOC is in the process of being translated into 5 languages. It will soon be available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian.