Already 13,000 services provided thanks to Le Carillon

Supported by the Veolia Foundation, the Le Carillon solidarity network is an exponential success: more than 600 retailers have already provided some 13,000 services to homeless people. The association is building on this success to launch ‘waiting products’ to allow everyone to become involved in local solidarity.


Present in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Lille and Melun, Le Carillon is beginning a new chapter in helping the needy. In two years, the association has formed a network of 600 solidarity retailers who undertake to offer various types of services to the homeless in their neighborhood. Phone recharging, sending mail, access to sanitary facilities, donating unsold goods, etc., over 13,000 services have already been provided by over 600 solidarity retailers to help reintegrate homeless people.

To enable everyone to become a link in this chain of solidarity, Le Carillon has gone a step further by launching ‘waiting products’ in November. It is now possible to buy a hot beverage, a meal, a pastry, or something else for a homeless person at some stores. The product is put aside until the person for whom it was bought comes to the store for it. You can also become a "Le Carillon member". In this case, you leave with a slip for the product to give to your homeless neighbor. With Le Carillon, getting involved in local solidarity is as easy as buying a coffee at the counter.

Since it was created in 2014, La Cloche, the association which funds Le Carillon, has set itself the task of developing projects that rehabilitate the image of the needy. The Veolia Foundation provides it with support for its solidarity biscuit store project.