World Water Day 2022

Water and health: a MOOC with Institut Pasteur on waterborne diseases

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Why can water transmit bacterial, viral and parasitic infections? What are the means of control and prevention? What are the priority Public Health issues related to freshwater?

Follow the Institut Pasteur's training, launched on March 22, 2022 on the occasion of the opening of the World Water Forum (Dakar), designed with the support of the Veolia Foundation:

Duration: 8 weeks | Effort: 20 hours | Pace: ~2h30/week

5 important reasons to take this course:

  1. Become aware of the potential infectious risks linked to the consumption or use of water.
  2. Understand the human, socio-anthropological, regional and organizational factors contributing to water contamination.
  3. Find out how climate change is aggravating microbial contamination of water.
  4. Learn about the main bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases that are transmitted by contaminated water.
  5. Realize that reduction of the contamination of fresh water requires a multi-sectoral approach involving populations, local councilors and politicians, and industrialists.

> This training is part of the Digital Diploma of Infectious Diseases of the Institut Pasteur (DNM2IP). <