Our waste-intensive society: a show which looks set to run and run!

Established in the Drôme region, the "Diabolo Spectacles" association is trying to increase public awareness of the thorny issue of waste. It has decided to use theatre to get its message across.

Environment and Biodiversity

Drôme., France

Georges Valentis, Institut Veolia

45,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2005/07/05
  Project leader Diabolo Spectacles

«  The value of this type of show is obvious. The targeted audience will be comprised of adults initially. Subsequent productions could be adapted to children. »

Georges Valentis

When it comes to waste management, we must all recognise our dual identities as both citizens and consumers. On the one hand, as responsible citizens, we are aware of the importance of sustainable development and recycling of waste...On the other, as consumers, we end up throwing away vast volumes of packaging and other household waste on a daily basis. In reality, our behaviour is not always consistent with our personal convictions.
Conscious of this problem, the "Diabolo Spectacles" association, founded in 1984, decided to put on educational theatre based around the theme of the environment and waste.

Street theatre to spread the message

With a planned 5-year lifetime, the show will be aimed at adults and could be put on as part of street festivals taking place all over France. The audience is seated beneath a self-standing show tent measuring 11 metres in diameter. In productions for forty spectators at a time, the relationship between humans and waste will be presented on stage by three actors. Various media (tables, graphics, slides, etc.) will help illustrate the theme.
Alongside a number of regional authorities, Veolia Foundation has decided to provided funding of 45,000 euros for this original project. This contribution will enable development of a fun but educational approach aimed at increasing environmental awareness, an area of increasing importance!