An outreach ironing service for the residents of the 12th arrondissement (district) of Paris.

Fighting exclusion; embellishing the neighborhood and furthering a sense of "living better together": that is the creed of Régie de quartier Fécamp 12, created in 2009. Today, to diversify its activities, the Régie wants to set up an ironing service.

Social and Employment

12th arrondissement, France

Jean-Jacques Durich

10,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2011/04/05

Project leader

Régie quartier Fécamp 12

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be sponsoring this adventure whose social and human skill banishes all pessimism and fatalism."

Jean-Jacques Durich

Like the other ten Paris Régie de quartier, Régie de quartier Fécamp 12 works for integrating people in difficulty as well as organizing all sorts of action aimed to create, intensify and strengthen social bonds and to improve the life of the neighborhood. It employs a dozen persons on subsidized contracts, for activities ranging from the upkeep of open spaces to refurbishing apartments and performing minor home repairs, in the 12th arrondissement.

A "sustainable" ironing shop

In its ongoing quest to create new jobs, the Régie has decided to set up a new back-to-work operation for its troubled residents. This activity offers an ironing service for the inhabitants and employees of the 12th arrondissement, with delivery by tricycle. With its premises located right in the heart of its core area, this ironing shop will offer a genuine quality service, competitive rates, and pickup and delivery service hitherto unseen in this southern Parisarrondissement. An ironing shop that wants to be "sustainable" with its energy saving ironing boards and its zero carbon deliveries!

The jobs created will be of two types: first, multipurpose staff for the actual ironing, putting the linen on hangers and in a film; and obviously, delivery staff. They will all benefit from a 24 month integration program within the Régie. The ironing shop will also serve as a weekly depot for organic vegetable baskets brought in from the Sevran organic farm. An additional service that should help it get new customers!

The Veolia Foundation is backing this outreach project by participating in the equipment of the ironing shop.