An outreach restaurant for integrating sidelined workers

Behind the cookstoves of the outreach restaurant "La Table de la Cité" are persons in difficulty who have recovered a job and social life. Created in a sensitive neighborhood of Mulhouse, the restaurant plans to consolidate its reputation both with the disadvantaged customers and the more affluent population of the surroundings.

Social and Employment

Mulhouse, France

Jean-Claude Mandry

10,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2007/12/04

Project leader

Cité Solidaire

"This project is led by a team impassioned by social work, but which has its "feet on the ground".
The foundation grant will be soundly used."

Jean-Claude Mandry

In the Zone d'Urbanisation Sensible of Mulhouse, the Cité Solidaire Association has inaugurated the restaurant "La Table de la Cité".
It employs nine persons in difficulty (six receiving the minimum subsistence wage, under contract with the State, a chef and a restaurant manager, formerly unemployed) to help them reintegrate in professional and social life. Its restaurant has received the label "integration site".

This project is carried out in partnership with the General Council of the Haut-Rhin, the city of Mulhouse, the Groupement des Hôteliers Restaurateurs du Haut-Rhin, the ANPE National Employment Agency, and a local communication agency.

Target: 6,000 meals per year

An outreach restaurant, the "La Table de la Cité" aims to serve people who are "included" as well as those who are "excluded" on the basis of prices corresponding to the income of its widely varied clientele.

It plans to serve 6,000 hot meals per year, particularly to the personnel and visitors of the hospital, the university, the elderly person's home, the dozen services companies in the neighborhood, and obviously, the surrounding population.
The Veolia Foundation has participated in the acquisition of a steam oven and batteries of kitchen utensils.