Producing drinking water to supply a clinic and local communities

Twinning is most definitely not an empty word in Alénya in southern France. The local committee that liaises with the Kenyan district of Naivasha has developed a project to set up a health clinic in Kenya. The Foundation is focusing its support on providing access to drinking water for the clinic and neighbouring communities.

Humanitarian & development

  • Location:
    Baringo (Kenya)
  • Sponsor:
    Jean-François Lluch
  • Grant:
    €10,000 at the 10/4/18 Selection Committee

Project leader

Alénya Community Twinning, Exchange and Friendship Committee

I provide the support of the local Veolia Eau technical teams in dealings with Sud Roussillon on the technical and financial aspects of the borehole and pumping project, notably for putting together the tender documents of the borehole and pumping suppliers and companies.
Jean-François Lluch

Alénya, a district in the Pyrénées-Orientales close to Perpignan, was twinned in 2004 with Naivasha in Kenya. Several cooperation programmes have been implemented over the past 14 years by the Alénya Community Twinning, Exchange and Friendship Committee.
In 2018, the association launched a plan to set up a health clinic in the area. The idea is to set up a benchmark health development facility aimed at women in particular. The facility will deliver antenatal, maternity and neonatal care. However, healthcare services and consultations will be open to all. A health and hygiene prevention policy will be rolled out at the same time.
A borehole needs to be drilled and fitted with a pump to supply the clinic and closest villages with drinking water without affecting groundwater levels. In 2019, the structural work will be completed in line with the plans provided by local government and will be connected to the water supply system. The water supply points in the nearest villages will be brought into use.  A community garden is also planned on the clinic's plot in order to enhance the surrounding environment and the area around the clinic.
The twinning committee is planning to run a training course in France for healthcare workers in order to ensure that the clinic is maintained and operated correctly.