A new approach to local inclusion

Social & Employment

  • Location:
    Bergerac (Dordogne)
  • Sponsor:
    Renaud Decrouën
  • Grant:
    €25,000 at the Selection Committee of 18/10/2023

Project Leader

La Traverse

Created in 2021, the Traverse association has come a long way! From the outset, it has been looking for a place to house its projects. And its ambition to develop inclusive employment has won it over. In 2022, the Bergerac town council made available to the association the town's former tobacco factory, with a commitment to carry out work to adapt the 4,500 m² building to the association's needs. The aim is to bring together on the same site VSEs/SMEs wishing to move towards more inclusive employment, and people who are usually far from employment.

Creating fertile employment ground

La Traverse will not only bring together potential employers and people with disabilities or over 55. The idea is to create an environment conducive to encounters. Workshops will be run by associations, there will be a bookshop, and a collaborative and educational kitchen will be set up...

The site will also welcome players from the social and medico-social sectors, employment support structures, as well as associations and their users who are far from employment. Why is this? The association's premise is that a return to employment is often hampered by a lack of access to services or rights. Locating these services in the same place as entrepreneurs and economic activity helps to break down the barriers between these often conflicting sectors.

Making cultural practices accessible

The other aspect of La Traverse's work is cultural emancipation. The association's aim is to ensure that inclusion is both cultural and that the place it opens frees itself from the way in which places of integration are often viewed. It will welcome all the cultural practices of its members, support those who wish to organize cultural events, and offer free events open to all.

The Veolia Foundation supports La Traverse's social ambition and its project to coach small and medium-sized businesses towards greater inclusiveness. The will is often there, but the skills for recruiting, adapting positions and management are not always easy to acquire. La Traverse aims to solve this equation.