Refurbishing a home by and for young people

Neither diploma nor professional skills: The vocation of the association "Le Rocher 83" is to help young school dropouts to acquire vocational training despite their lack of a diploma. Its projects are carried out during summer sessions, in the guise of holiday camps. During the summer of 2008, this involved refurbishing a home for children.

Social and Employment

Toulon, France

Jérôme Contamine

12,500 € to the Selection Committee at 2008/07/01

Project leader

Le Rocher 83

« Pauline Danel, the sponsor of the project of the association "Le Rocher", already backed in January 2007, is familiar with this association since 2002, and has observed the tangible impact of its projects.
She has noted the seriousness with which the association welcomes, monitors and supports the youths in their integration. »

Jérôme Contamine

In the Var district, the association "Le Rocher 83" organizes youth projects aimed at all adolescents and young adults on the sidelines of the educational system, without any hope of acquiring vocational training or apprenticeship.

By getting them to work on building projects during the school holidays, it initiates them in various crafts through the voluntary involvement of skilled artisans, in the hope of helping the youths to find their "way".

Skills in the finishing trades

In this context, in January 2007, "Le Rocher 83" had already enjoyed the assistance of the Veolia foundation, to help it complete the renovation project for the old Fort de La Gavaresse - a military structure controlling the routes into and out of the harbor of Toulon.

In the summer of 2008, "Le Rocher 83" undertook to renovate a home for children, adolescents and young adults, in the high-rise neighborhoods of Sainte Musse and La Beaucaire. On the program: electricity, painting, plumbing, etc.

Impressed by the results obtained by "Le Rocher 83" with the youths, the Foundation decided to help it a second time.