Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia: the Veolia Foundation is participating in a humanitarian emergency mission in Palu

On September 28 at 6pm, an earthquake followed by a tsunami struck Indonesia. On the island of Sulawesi, the city of Palu (350,000 inhabitants) and its region were particularly affected, with more than 2,000 victims, 680 missing and more than 200,000 displaced. Involved in emergency humanitarian operations organized by the Crisis Centre of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Veolia Foundation sends two Veoliaforce experts to the field.

La fondation Veolia participe à une mission d’urgence humanitaire à Palu
Photo © Fondation Veolia
Eight weeks after the earthquake and tsunami, humanitarian aid is still needed in Indonesia more than ever. According to the Indonesian National Disaster Management Centre, 200,000 people are displaced and need drinking water, electricity, shelter and emergency medical assistance. The risk of epidemics makes the use of drinking water treatment equipment essential.
Two Veoliaforce experts, including one permanent member of the Foundation's staff, have joined the French Civil Security detachment in Palu, which is mandated by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Their mission, for 15 days, is to train Indonesian Red Cross emergency teams in the use and maintenance of the two emergency drinking water treatment plants. These Aquaforce 2000, designed by the Veolia Foundation, are particularly well suited to production in remote areas, with difficult access, while many roads are still impassable. They provide drinking water to isolated populations with a flow rate of 2m3/h from raw water. They were transported to the field with storage and distribution equipment.


* Source : Unicef, Indonesia Humanitarian Situation Report of 23 October 2018.