A New Solar Powered, Potable Water Infrastructure Was Inaugurated in the Republic of Guinea on March 22nd, World Water Day!

Inaugurated in the City of Damaro located in the Prefecture of Kerouane in the eastern part of the Country this system was designed to serve its population of 25,000 inhabitants. The celebration was led by Sheik Taleby Sylla, Minister of Water and Energy, in the presence of many residents and local officials.

Realized through the support of the Veolia Foundation, the System includes a 35 meter high water tank, and 10 dispersed community water fountains, utilizing energy produced by a field of 50 solar panel modules. The System was constructed under the technical supervision of SNAPE, the Guinea National Water Service which has been receiving technical assistance from the Veolia Foundation.

The support of the Veolia Foundation is an expression of its commitment to fulfill its Protocol signed in 2014 with the Ministry which is focused on capacity building to expand upon the Ministry's services to rural and semi urban communities.

Other high priority programs are currently being jointly developed by SNAPE and the Foundation. One of these is designed to adapt water focused technical training principles from courses taught in the Veolia Training Center in Paris, to be applied to the specific needs of Guinea and other African Countries in a similar stage of development.

These adaptations, with the assistance of Veolia Force volunteers, will be incorporated by SNAPE in upgrading its own training activities and community services.


At the request of the French Government, the French Red Cross has opened a treatment center in Macenta, southeast Guinea, the site of one of the main outbreaks of the Ebola fever epidemic that has been raging since January. With 60 beds, it will take stress off the country's other centers, which are totally saturated, and help step up the campaign to prevent the virus from spreading across the entire region.