PL4Y International signs a framework agreement with the French Ministry of Education

PL4Y International, supported by the Veolia Foundation since 2012, has just had its work endorsed by the French Ministry of Education. Its Playdagogy method, which uses sport to involve schoolchildren, is going to be rolled out in the REP and REP+ Priority Education Networks. The method is an effective way of fostering green behaviour in children from a very young age.

PL4Y International drew on several facts and figures when launching its educational play kits. One in five children has to repeat at least one year before starting secondary school, and over 100,000 children are excluded each year starting in primary school. The association decided to use sport to check this downward spiral of failure. Sport helps to build confidence and respect, making for better community living.

Teaching children to be green
The non-profit’s educational play kits help teachers to organize fun educational sessions. The pupils do a physical activity with educational, learning and therapeutic aspects. The first module of the Environment Playdagogy kit focuses on water and was devised with the support of the Veolia Foundation. The kit helps to teach children about how to be green.
A method endorsed by the public authorities
In mid-January, the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research decided to work with PL4Y International. The minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem signed a framework agreement with the non-profit. Both the French government and the director of PL4Y International, David Blough, share the same objective, namely to improve children’s educational attainment and wellbeing, particularly in the REP and REP+ Priority Education Networks. The two partners have undertaken to develop the Playdagogy Programme in primary schools using three levers: creating and rolling out new educational tools tailored to the issues deemed to be priorities (community living and citizenship, health, etc.), bolstering the continuity of community education, and developing distance learning.
The endorsement of new forms of learning, notably via sport, confirms the validity of the work done by PL4Y International. Signing the framework agreement with the government marks a new stage in the development of this non-profit, which has received support on three separate occasions from the Veolia Foundation. PL4Y International is actively involved in the overhaul of the French education system, with sport and physical education now playing a more important role.
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PL4Y International – facts and figures
1,300 practitioners actively involved
700 practitioners trained
650 local districts involved
Six kits created
1,050 kits distributed
35,000 child beneficiaries
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