A successful borehole benefits Cameroonian schoolchildren

In Bafoussam in Cameroon the students at the Centre culturel francophone Victor Hugo (CCVH) will soon benefit from sustainable access to water. The borehole dug by Asomocam with the support of the Veolia Foundation has been a success.

Bafoussam is an important town in North-West Cameroon. The CCVH is home to a nursery school, primary school, sports centre and a library, but this infrastructure was hampered by a chronic water shortage. 

To address the issue, Asomocam began digging a borehole and installing a pressure pump supplied by solar panels, all with the support of the Veolia Foundation. The first phase was completed in October: groundwater was located at roughly 80m. The water supply system planned by the association will be installed on time. On completion, 320 pupils will benefit from this new water source.