Tara Pacific returns to Lorient, marking the end of a two-and-a-half-year research expedition

Having sailed 100,000km across the Pacific Ocean, Tara's voyage ended in late October when the research schooner returned to her home port of Lorient. The Tara Pacific expedition, supported by the Veolia Foundation, has come to an end. The scientific research phase, during which the 36,000 samples taken will be studied, will now begin.

Crédits Fondation Veolia
Some 30 boats headed out to sea and over 100 people lined the quayside to welcome Tara home on Saturday 27 October. The schooner supported by the Veolia Foundation had spent 883 days at sea and studied 40 archipelagos during her two-and-a-half-year expedition.

The Tara Pacific expedition utilized a new approach and worked on an unprecedented geographical scale to explore the impact of man-made pressure on the Pacific's coral reefs. 36,000 samples were collected during 2,677 dives across the Pacific Ocean. Scientists will continue their research in order to gain a better understanding of coral in its natural environment and see how capable it is of adapting to climate and environmental change.

Norbert Métairie, the mayor of Lorient, Frédérique Vital, the minister for higher education, research and innovation, Antoine Petit, head of CNRS (France's national centre for scientific research), and Thierry Vandevelde, the Veolia Foundation's executive officer, were delighted with this amazing adventure, supported from the outset by the Veolia Foundation.

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