The Veolia Foundation launches a major environmental program

In the United States, the Foundation is launching a major environmental program with Sky Island Alliance (SIA) for the remediation and protection of the Madrean Archipelago, a transborder region in the southwest United States and northwestern Mexico.

This zone is recognized as a priority area for the conservation of the world biodiversity, because among 34 extremely vulnerable sites defined as "Hotspots", it has one of the planet's most complex and diversified ecosystems.

The program is organized around three guidelines: to investigate the biodiversity of the Madrean Archipelago by optimizing the methods thanks to new technologies, to act in favor of the remediation of the ecological habitats (aquatic resources) by mobilizing the skills of experts and volunteers, and to convince the public institutions and the public at large by involving them in order to foster an awareness of the need to act in favor of biodiversity.

The project relies on many partners, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Turner Foundation, and an international network of universities.

The Foundation will provide a financial grant of $450,000 over three years and wants to enlist the volunteers of its "Veoliaforce" network present on the American continent.


Environment and Biodiversity | United States | 2008/11/28
Sky Island Alliance (SIA)
Program for the study and conservation of the ecosystem of the Madrean Archipelago