Veolia teams mobilized to supply drinking water to hurricane victims on Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélémy

Since the passage of hurricane Irma between Wednesday and Thursday this week, Veolia continues to mobilize its energies on restoring water supply on the islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélémy, despite the difficulties arising from the lack of electricity and the approach of hurricane José.

Preparation of emergency equipment in the Foundation's warehouses.
Veolia, working with State services, is currently organizing transfer by air of a mobile seawater desalination unit to respond to the populations' urgent need for clean drinking water. This unit, which weighs over 24 metric tons, has a production capacity of 30 m per hour.
On Friday night, Veolia had already transferred several employees based in Guadeloupe to Saint-Martin to strengthen its local teams. Their mission is to assess damage to water production and distribution installations, a crucial preliminary for bringing them back into service. 
Over the next few days, these teams will be further bolstered by the arrival of other Veolia employees from all over the world. An emergency VeoliaForce mission will be dispatched at the beginning of the week to facilitate these interventions and provide additional skills and water distribution and storage equipment.