Veoliaforce involved in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

After hurricane Matthew hit Haiti on the night of 3 to 4 October, the Veolia Foundation has got involved in the emergency response by providing water purifying equipment and mobilizing a Veoliaforce team.

A few days after the passage of devastating Hurricane Matthew, Veolia Foundation has got involved in a humanitarian emergency mission in Haiti, in conjunction with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Haitian authorities. The Foundation sent six Aquaforce 500 mobile water treatment stations and storage equipment, essential to produce drinking water and reduce the spread of cholera.

A Veoliaforce team took off to Haiti in order to provide technical support to the NGO Acted working on the spot. Three stations have been installed in the Southern Department of Haïti, in collaboration with the local authorities including the National Drinking Water and Sanitation Directorate (Dinepa).

The first unit deployed at Chardonnière as well as two other units installed at Port à Piment, Coteaux District, provide drinking water to several thousands of people through watertrucking direct distribution to set-up taps. Three other units are installed at Dame-Marie at the western end of the island, to answer to the local needs of the population.

The Veoliaforce team deployed every Aquaforce 500 trained the Acted team and they are operating the plants together. The Veoliaforce mission is to ensure a proper and lasting operation of the plant by ACTED members.

« These six Veolia water treatment stations will allow 12,000 people a day to drink clean water and prevent the spread of cholera », says Frédéric de Saint-Sernin, Deputy Director General of the NGO Acted.
«  Veolia Foundation is in charge of the mobile treatment units installation and the training of our partner ACTED. Our common priority is to restore access to drinking water in the most affected areas as soon as possible », says Damien Machuel, Project Manager at the Veolia Foundation.

A TV report about humanitarian aid in Haiti :

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The Veoliaforce network

Veoliaforce is a network of Veolia employees who are trained volunteers and who provide their skills to emergency missions. Recently Veoliaforce volunteers intervened following the tragic earthquake in Ecuador  last May. In Nepal , they came to the aid of people affected by the series of earthquakes in 2015. They have also been engaged for almost 10 years in fighting cholera in the Democratic Republic of Congo.