The winners of the 2013 Student Solidarity Awards

Get rewarded associations for the 2013 edition.

First to third prize

Social and Employment | France (Val-de-Marne) | 2013/06/14
La Cravate Solidaire - Ecole des dirigeants et créateurs d'entreprise (EDC)
The nonprofit La Cravate Solidaire supplies apparel for the professional coaching and apparel for jobseekers, back-to-work employees, or disadvantaged students. The organization also offers image enhancement and helps job applicants draft their resumes and letters of motivations.

The jury was deeply impressed by this project because it offers a concrete answer to the problematics of job counseling today.

Humanitarian and Development | Senegal | 2013/06/14
"INSA Toulouse humanitarian center" - Institut national des sciences appliquées de Toulouse (INSA)
The INSA Toulouse students' association is building and installing hand-washing facilities in the health centers of remote villages in Senegal. They are also renovating some of these health centers and following up on the installations completed during previous missions.

The jury decided to reward the organization for the durability of its approach and the capitalization of its actions undertaken since 2001.

Humanitarian and Development | India | 2013/06/14
Inde Espoir - Multi-school association
Inde Espoir is enlisting the students of the École Polytechnique, Université Paris Diderot-Paris VII, the Paris Descartes Medical School, Université Panthéon Assas Paris II, Sciences Po Paris - Prépa Lycée Stanislas, the University of Exeter, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense and UTC Compiègne to build a boarding school in the town of Krishnadevipeta in India (Andhra Pradesh) to enable young girls from tribal groups to attend school.

The jury decided to support this organization because it combines the skills of students from nine different schools and universities.

Jury's favorite

Finding it difficult to choose between many quality projects, the jury decided, again this year, to award an additional "jury's favorite".

Social and Employment | France (Nord) | 2013/06/14
L'Ombre et la Plume - EDHEC
Helping prison inmates and ex-inmates of the Lille urban community to fight post-jail exclusion by returning to the job market.

The jury was highly impressed by this project, because to grasp an issue to such complexity is often a daunting task, and because the students' actions in favor of the professional integration of former inmates are extremely rare.