The return of healthy water after years of insecurity

In the heart of the Aïr Mountains in Niger, the commune of Iférouane was abandoned for two years by its inhabitants, fleeing the fighting between the State and the Tuareg rebels.Now that peace has returned, the water supply infrastructures need to be refurbished.

Humanitarian and Development

Iférouane, Niger

Jean-Hugues Hermant-Lagrange

6 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2009/06/16

Project leader


"The project of the NGO Deran addresses displaced persons who have returned to their former homes after two years of armed conflict.The conditions of their return appear to be difficult considering the degradation of the infrastructures, the isolation of the commune, and the lack of outside support.From this viewpoint, the project can be considered as an emergency action that is necessary to ensure access to healthy water for the 2500 inhabitants of the rural commune of Iférouane."

Jean-Hugues Hermant-Lagrange

Located in the Aïr range, 550 kilometers from Agadez, Iférouane lies at the heart of the combats between the State of Niger and the Tuareg rebels in 2006-2007.To the point where in 2007, this relatively remote rural commune saw its population flee to escape the fighting.With the restoration of peace, the villagers returned in early 2009, but found massive destruction: many devastated homes demanding large scale refurbishing, the wells providing the water supply now damaged, uncared for and partly sanded up - making the available water rare and unfit for human consumption.This means a very difficult return, whereas the material and financial resources are severely lacking.

The indispensable drainage of the wells

The inhabitants of Iférouane appealed to the NGO Deran, which has been working since 2004 for the rural development of the Agadez region and is involved in issues of education, health, environment and access to water in the areas of northern Niger.In the field of water, the NGO already had the opportunity to approach the Veolia Foundation to equip wells in a number of remote villages.Quite naturally, Deran therefore again turned to the Veolia Foundation to conduct the necessary maintenance operations on the existing wells.In concrete terms, the fifteen wells will be reconditioned completely thanks to deep drainage; after this indispensible work, the villagers will again enjoy access to healthy water, fit for consumption.An indispensible prerequisite to enable the population to settle durably in the commune and start up new economic activities.