Return to work and occupational safety for probationers in the Rhone valley

Since the late 1980s, the part-time workforce development agency GREP Interim has secured jobs for about 130 condemned persons, more than half of them in a reduced-sentence arrangement, in Rhône valley companies. Today, it wants to reinforce the systems for raising awareness in occupational safety.

Social and Employment

Lyon & Villefranche-sur-Saône, France

Hervé Lesaux

€6,000 to the Selection Committee at 2013/12/10

Project leader

GREP Intérim

Tired of finding that convictions with community-service obligations could not genuinely succeed, lacking available or motivated employers, magistrates and social workers of the French Justice Department decided in 1985 to create GREP Interim, a part-time workforce development agency (ETTI - entreprise de travail temporaire d'insertion) for the purpose of raising the awareness of employers and mobilizing them in favor of the probationers. It offers part-time missions in branches of activity in the building trades, industry, the environment and services, and is essentially positioned for professions demanding low skills.

Some sixty companies in the employment areas of the Lyon and Villefranche/Saône urban communities regularly call on its services, 30 of them in connection with integration clauses inserted in tender invitations. Requiring the acquisition of recognized and work-friendly behavior, the nonprofit wants to reinforce its approach to awareness raising in actions and postures and training in the prerequisites on specific professions: building, working at height, qualification for electrical trades, environment, etc.

Compiling a basic educational content

From day to day, GREP Interim strives to maintain its actions with limited human and material resources. This is why it wants to enlist the services of a training center to secure awareness-raising sessions and to compile a basic educational content appropriate to the professional world of today.

This improvement requires increasing the number of optional training hours, non-reimbursed by the official bodies, but mandatory for candidates with limited professional experience. This is a major guideline of its development, but also a desire to meet the expectations of the employer partners, the institutions (DIRECCTE) and the various integration clauses.

Return to work and occupational safety for probationers in the Rhone valley

Veolia forms part of the corporations that use the services of GREP Interim, and it is therefore quite natural for the foundation to participate in this project, which enables former inmates to acquire or to recover professional experience.