A roof to cultivate a return to the workforce

Surveys regularly reveal that unemployment is the main concern of the French. In the heart of the Brest region, an association has taken on this combat. To boost its action, it needs to build new buildings.

Social and Employment

pays de Brest, France

Jean-Paul Pennamen

25,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2006/03/28
  Project leader Prelude

«  A project that makes sense and which is entirely compatible with the Veolia Foundation’s concerns. Furthermore, the finance from the various institutional partners is robust and renewed annually. »

Jean-Paul Pennamen

To combat unemployment and exclusion, everyone has their own weapons. In Finistère, the Prélude association has made its choice. It runs three workforce integration programs for at-risk groups of the community: maintenance of fragile open spaces, refurbishment of project housing cellars, and the production of biological fruit and vegetables. Thanks to these three programs, Prélude is helping get around forty people into or to retain employment, while focusing on the environment. Well entrenched in its region, the association has established sustainable activities in the area.

A single site for greater efficiency

To consolidate these jobs and boost their number, the association now needs to build a new building. Built on the current Guipavas market garden site, it will have a surface area of 540 square meters, and will replace the current unsuitable premises. While increasing the workplace and market garden produce storage areas, all three activities will be brought together in the one place. Furthermore, the number of produce baskets will be increased and, initially, an additional two people will be taken on under workplace integration contracts.
Alongside Brest Métropole and the Regional Council of Brittany, in particular, the Veolia foundation will contribute 25,000 euros to help establish these new premises.