Schooling for primary school pupils - boys and girls

In southeast Burkina Faso, the association Échanges Massy Afrique has maintained a supportive partnership with the commune of Koper for 27 years. After the first emergency projects (access to water for example), it is now focusing on improving the schooling of the children in primary school.

Humanitarian and Development

Commune of Koper (southeast Burkina Faso), Burkina Faso

Dominique Delis

10 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2009/03/31

Project leader

Échanges Massy Afrique

« The project proposed here by the Échanges Massy Afrique is part of a 25 years plus story of its exchanges with Burkina Faso. It is with durable relations in areas that are increasingly familiar and have been tracked from inception, that the association has succeeded in rooting the hope of economic, cultural and social development. And while local decision making circuits may sometimes seem complicated, it's because they rely on all the stakeholders in the various villages, thereby guaranteeing their longevity. »

Dominique Delis

Access to water, education, health, agricultural development, respect for the environment and promotion of feminine activities : for twenty-seven years, Échanges Massy Afrique (EMA) has been undertaking projects in these areas in the commune of Koper, in southeast Burkina Faso.

This example of north-south solidarity is aimed to reduce precariousness and to promote the self-sufficiency of the village populations.

The new projects designed by EMA in partnership with local correspondents, include improving the schooling of children in primary school, with special attention to hygiene.

Seven new housing units for the teachers

In four villages located on the territory of the commune - Kpaï, Babora, Gorgane and Pirkon - EMA is building additional classrooms whenever necessary, and seven housing units (new or renovated) for the teachers, without overlooking the corresponding latrines.

This vast project, spread over three years - 2009/2011 - will recruit the teachers as their homes are completed. Concerning the students, improved hygiene will be a good way to make sure that the girls go to school too.