Second "sustainable development class" for Unis-Cité Méditerranée

For the second year running, Unis-Cité Méditerranée offers the youths who join it an engagement in favor of sustainable development, a year that also helps them start to draw up their professional integration plan.

Social and Employment

Mediterranean seaboard, France

Fabien Vocicot

15,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2008/12/02

Project leader

Unis-Cité Méditerranée

« The approach set up by Unis-Cité Méditerranée will help familiarize all these youths with the issues of sustainable development, and more specifically, with the waste collection trades.
I believe that I can give them the benefit of my experience and my network of acquaintances: for example, we are deeply concerned to show them our professions and our infrastructures. »

Fabien Vocicot

The Unis-Cité association, which is active all over France, encourages youths to devote six to nine months of their time to engage in outreach activities. Based on the needs expressed by certain local structures (associations, homes for the elderly, hospitals, etc.), Unis-Cité identifies the projects in which the young volunteers can test their dynamism and their determination to participate in operations that benefit the community as a whole.
And in addition, it teaches them about citizenship and helps them prepare their future professional integration.

On board the "Grande Bleue", and for the second year running, Unis-Cité Méditerranée has decided to propose operations in favor of sustainable development to the youths it accompanies.

Cleaning, organic garden and public events

Throughout the school year, the eight members of the class of 2008-2009 get busy with several local associations to clean up the Marseilles shoreline and a number of natural sites (creeks, etc.), create an educational organic garden, increase public awareness of energy conservation, and participate in organizing two events: one gathering cycling fans to promote "soft mobility", and the other aimed to fulfill the participative eco-citizen commitment.

For the third time, the Veolia foundation has decided to help Unis-Cité to finance its projects: from one region to the other, from one year to the next, the projects differ substantially and cover all areas in which unpaid work is a sine qua non.
By backing the "sustainable development class" of Unis-Cité Méditerranée, the Foundation expects - in addition to the financial grant - to promote the sponsorship of skills between the group's employees and the youths. The ultimate aim is to facilitate their professional integration.