Some elbow grease and a lot of energy

In Vigneux-sur-Seine, in the Essonne region, the organization Huile de Coude has created a business, Atelier HDC, to give young people who have so far been excluded from the labor force their first work experience. The next step is to guarantee the business’s future.

Social and Employment

Project leader

Huile de Coude

Vigneux-sur-Seine, Essonne, France

Jean-Marc de Hautecloque

20,000 euro to the Selection Committee at 2006/12/05

"The purpose of this business is to enable socially disadvantaged youth to return to the labor market. Its first six months have been encouraging and now it must build up a clientele."
Jean-Marc de Hautecloque

Early in 2006, a former educator and social trainer decided to create a business in Vigneux-sur-Seine based on economics to bring young people into the workforce. Using the local organization Huile de Coude as the foundation, Atelier HDC was born. Its goal is to fight to help young people with no immediate job prospects enter the world of work and acquire their first significant experience.

Guaranteeing a future

Atelier HDC is specialized in packaging documents, stationery items and small objects. Since its founding, one company has been relying on it to satisfy all of its packaging needs.
Thanks to this first partnership, Atelier HDC was able to create six jobs in its very first year in business. Its priority now is to add to its client list.

Thus, the business turned to the Veolia foundation for a grant to enable it to acquire the materials it needs to structure its offering: an industrial stapler, a punch and further work on its space. The money it was awarded will help it continue to grow. By 2008, Atelier HDC hopes to be able to create two new jobs.