Transporting the “magic of water”

Given the interest shown by the public, the Wassermuseum Association, which creates teaching and cultural events on the topic of water, decided to go meet the public in a van.

Environment and Biodiversity

Berlin and Brandenburg, Germany

Silvia Fabiunke

€6,000 to the Selection Committee at 2005/04/05
  Project leader Wassermuseum

«  The ‘Wassermuseum' has gained good experience over the last ten years. The fact that its work can now be mobile matches a growing demand from the public. »

Silvia Fabiunke

Since 1992, the Wassermuseum (Museum of Water) has organised many teaching and cultural events in the city of Berlin to raise the awareness of children on the topic of water. It recently completed “magical water rooms” in three kindergartens open to dwellers in the neighbourhood and held an exhibition entitled “Who said water was blue?”

"Moving magic"

Without a doubt, small children are very attuned to the magical qualities of water.

More and more schools and kindergartens are asking the Wassermuseum to come and run workshops on their premises, given the magic and interest of its productions. The Association therefore devised a plan to acquire a “Wassermobile”: a van that will serve to transport the Association's projects beyond Berlin through the whole state of Brandenburg. The €6,000 from the Veolia foundation will help to buy the van.