Veolia Stiftung: a logical progression

From now on, the Veolia Foundation will guarantee financing of the Veolia Stiftung in Berlin.

Environment and Biodiversity

Berlin, Germany

Cyril Roger-Lacan

100,000 € every year for four years to the Board of Administration at 2004/12/07

Project leader

Veolia Stiftung

« This project corresponds perfectly to one of the Veolia Foundation's initial goals, that is, the union of Group community service actions. »

Cyril Roger-Lacan

In July 1999, the Vivendi group, within the Vivendi-RWE-Allianz consortium, won the contract for the partial privatisation of the Berlin water company and offered to create a local corporate foundation. Less than a year later, Vivendi Stiftung, the Vivendi foundation's Berlin branch saw the day. This foundation, governed by German law, has the missions of encouraging social projects that create jobs and are related to the environment, in Berlin alone. It set the goal of helping create 1000 jobs from 2000 to 2006.

An annual budget of 200,000 euros

At the end of 2002, when the Vivendi foundation disappeared, Veolia Water Deutschland took over by financing the activities of the Berlin foundation, which took on the name Veolia Stiftung.
At the end of 2004, after four years of existence, Veolia Stiftung showed stellar progress: it supported 110 projects in Berlin and helped create 600 fixed jobs and supervise 500 professional training courses. Each project is sponsored by a group employee.
In late 2004, the structure underwent a new change. The Veolia foundation naturally stepped in for Veolia Water Deutschland to take charge of its intervention budget of 100,000 euros per year. The local team stayed the same, with an added member from the Veolia foundation selection committee. It continued to directly handle projects which arrived from its home territory, but also took on German projects from outside Berlin: they could be selected and funded by the Veolia Foundation. An obvious collaboration between two sister entities.