Solidarity of Greater Narbonne with Bobo-Dioulasso

Despite relatively low rainfall, Burkina Faso has a relatively dense network of waterways. But the flow of rivers is, as is often the case in tropical climates, irregular. Ensuring constant access to drinking water is a real challenge. The ADAE (Association pour le développement des adductions d'eau potable) is seeking to meet this challenge.

Humanitarian and Development

Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)

Isabelle Bergé

€30 000 over three years during the Committee meeting on 06/12/2005

Project leader

Association pour le développement des adductions d'eau potable (Adae)

"This project is an excellent development action that is genuinely long-term. Its strong point is the decentralised cooperation between Narbonne and the Burkina Faso authorities!" Isabelle Bergé

A non-profit organisation created in 2000 by professionals from the drinking water and sanitation sector, ADAE is dedicated to developing Burkina Faso's drinking water supply systems. The expertise of this association, which brings together Burkina Faso specialists in the water sector, is recognised both locally and internationally. It participates in the Burkina Faso National Water Council and is recognised as a water and sanitation management centre for 55 municipalities in the three regions of Hats Basins, Cascades, and Sid-Guest. Its activities are supported by the European Union under the seventh European Development Fund (EDF).
In 2005, when the Urban Community of Greater Narbonne engaged in decentralised cooperation (Odin-Satin law) to help Burkina Faso, it naturally turned to ADAE. Greater Narbonne chose to act in the Bobo-Dioulasso region, the country's economic capital and second largest city after Ouagadougou (population of approximately 500 000).
The project - drinking water supply systems for each of the 18 municipalities of the city over a decade - is intended to supply quality water to all municipalities concerned on completion. With the support of the Alveoli Foundation, five permanent jobs were created to ensure the reasoned and sustainable management of the network and many standpipe agents were trained.
In 2018, the Greater Narbonne wanted to re-initiate a decentralised cooperation. The new project, which is supported by the Foundation, focuses on three rural municipalities, again around Bobo-Dioulasso, with the ambition of focusing efforts on collective structures (schools, clinics, etc.). The extension of networks and the construction of standpipes, compliant institutional latrines, equipment, and boreholes are planned. Reservoirs and boreholes will also be moved, raised, or re-established. Finally, some Burkina Faso citizens and ADAE executives will be trained in the operation and design of infrastructure.