Water, water everywhere

The Pau nonprofit Chercheur d'art is publishing an educational booklet distributed free of charge in Pau in order to raise the awareness of the young (and large) public of the various aspects inherent in the topic of water. Its speciality is to combine ecology, history, environment, geography and art!

Environment and Biodiversity

Pau, France

Lionel Kreitzer

€5,000 to the Selection Committee at 2011/10/20

Project leader

Chercheur d'art

"This project adds an artistic and cultural touch to the knowledge of water. I'm convinced that addressing this theme in this way will be even more attractive to traditional publics and will develop the interest of some less interested groups."

Lionel Kreitzer

The nonprofit Chercheur d'art, located in Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) proposes, through the publication and distribution of media designed for youths, children and adolescents (school children, families and handicapped), to discover and benefit from nearby cultural resources. This [led it] in 2007 to set up a wide ranging collection addressing topics like sculpture, architecture, nature and sports.

Raising the awareness of the young public on the challenges of sustainable development through Water

Its new opus, called Chercheur d'eau à Pau (water researcher in Pau), is concerned with the topic of water. A project in phase with the image of the city, a cultural centre which combines nature and urbanism, where water occupies a central place. Thus, Chercheur d'eau à Pau will help discover the history of the local aquatic heritage from various angles: ecological, historical, environmental, geographic and artistic (wastewater treatment, development of the banks of the Gave, etc.). Its main objective is to raise the awareness of the young public about the environment and the challenges of sustainable development through Water, as well as the teachers (primary, secondary, high school) and, more broadly, any person wishing to discover water from this variegated angle. 20,000 booklets will therefore be printed and distributed free of charge to the partners of the project, such as the Tourist Office of Pau, the chateau, etc. Nearly 15,000 persons are concerned.

The Veolia Foundation is participating in the production of this educational booklet.