A workforce development project for light work and finishings in the building trade

In the building trade, the development of light work operations helps create more jobs and to meet the needs of the town of Auch and its inhabitants.

Social and Employment

Auch, France

Laure Belmudes

€10,000 to the Selection Committee at 2010/06/22

Project leader

Garros Services Régie de Quartier

Garros Services Régie de Quartier, created more than 20 years ago, seeks to improve the living framework and environment of the districts of the town of Auch, by offering services in areas affecting the everyday management of the neighborhoods and the workforce development of its inhabitants.

The nonprofit has twenty-three employees today, fifteen of them on back to work contracts, and has decided to redynamize the light work activity after a two-year hiatus. The official registration obtained in 2009 concerns another twelve back-to-work jobs dedicated to this activity. Four employees have already joined the structure, and the potential growth of light work operations should help hire another eight persons, including a technical supervisor and a career advisor.

Future contract or job support

On the worksites, a technical supervisor deals with each back-to-work employee.
If necessary, he teaches them the basics of a trade (painting, light work, housekeeping) and in a second phase, they start support counseling in search for a job.

A contract has just been signed with the town to remove the graffiti, unauthorized billposting and various janitorial and urban cleanup services for the town's schools and fountains.

To achieve its objectives and be fully operational, Régie de Quartier has to buy vehicles to transport the employees and production equipment for the activity.

The Veolia Foundation has been approached to purchase the equipment for the finishing works (mixer, screw gun, portable sanding machine, bushings, measuring tapes, gluing machine, shaver, scaffolding, etc.).