Aquaforce 15 000

Aquaforce 15 000 is a mobile water-treatment unit used in areas of high-population density and in displaced person camps. It can supply 15 litres of drinking water per day to a population of 15,000 individuals.

Aquaforce 15 000: features and figures

  • A mobile unit for the production of drinking water, autonomous and of large capacity (15 m3/h), adapted to the context of humanitarian emergency for direct distribution to the affected population and/or in refugee camps.
  • Two 7,500 modular lines that can be separated or operated in parallel to meet the needs and different realities on the ground.
  • A high production rate and additional equipment to adapt quickly to all contexts: access to water to be treated, distribution methods envisaged... (networks, standpipes, water trucking...).
  • A deployment accessible to the greatest number of people: simplified and robust equipment for long-term use of the station; pedagogical training materials allowing a quick introduction.

Assembly of the Aquaforce 15000 in less than 2 minutes

Aquaforce 15 000 | Technical information

Weight: 4,5 tonnes
Volume: 25 m3
Flow rate: 15 m3/h
Capacity: 15,000 people*
Mounting time: 2 days
Cut-off threshold: 0.04 µm
*According to WHO recommendations.


Equipped with ultrafiltration membranes with a cut-off threshold of 0.04 μm, Aquaforce 15,000 eliminates all colloids and bacteria, as well as the majority of viruses potentially present in raw water. The procedure is completed by a granular activated carbon treatment to treat colour, odour and some complex pollution. The treatment is completed by the injection of chlorine to finalize the disinfection and ensure persistence in the distributed water.

Capacity of filter retention

Training materials

The Aquaforce 15 000 benefits from an illustrated and educational user manual, to make the installation and operation of the unit accessible to as many people as possible.

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In the field

Uganda, 2018: refugee camps

A unit has been deployed in partnership with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders to contain a cholera epidemic. Operation, during four months, has validated the operation of the Aquaforce 15,000.

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Mozambique, 2019: Cyclone Idai

A 7,500 line, producing half the maximum capacity of the Aquaforce 15,000, has been deployed in a cholera treatment centre in the city of Beira.

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