A sustainable ocean, a lever for ecological transformation

World Ocean Day - 8 June 2023

A healthy ocean is an essential necessity for life on Earth. Because it absorbs the heat emitted by greenhouse gases and more than a quarter of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by human activities, it is one of the lungs of our planet.

Témoignages de Françoise Gaill, Directrice de recherche scientifique au CNRS, vice-présidente de la plateforme Océan & Climat ; Romain Troublé, Directeur général de la Fondation Tara Océan, président de la plateforme Océan & Climat ; et Thierry Vandevelde, Délégué général de la fondation Veolia. 

At the Veolia Foundation, we support research to find solutions, awareness-raising and advocacy to halt degradation, and foresight to project ourselves into a desirable future.

> R&D: alkalinisation as a solution to ocean acidification

As the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2), its chemistry is disrupted: seawater heats up and loses oxygen. This process is known as acidification, a phenomenon that has a major impact on marine organisms and ecosystems. Several solutions are being studied to remedy ocean acidification, including alkalinisation, which involves adding alkaline minerals (antacids) to the water to increase CO2 absorption. The Veolia Foundation supports the "Ocean Acidification and other ocean Changes - Impacts and solutions" (OACIS) initiative, launched by the Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2).

> Raising awareness & advocacy: an international agreement on 4 March 2023

Public opinion is becoming increasingly aware of the essential role played by the oceans in our collective future, and public authorities are taking note. On Saturday 4 March 2023, an historic agreement was reached at the United Nations to fill a legal void in the protection of marine areas beyond national jurisdiction. This development was initiated by the Tara Ocean Foundation, of which the Veolia Foundation is a long-standing partner, and the Ocean and Climate Platform, of which the Veolia Foundation is a co-founder.

>  Foresight: what future for coastal cities in the face of rising sea levels?

Since 2018, the Veolia Foundation has been supporting the Platform Ocean and Climate (POC), a lever for mobilising politicians, decision-makers and the general public. The organisation, which brings together more than 80 organisations - NGOs, foundations, research institutes, national and international institutions, etc. - Seat'ies, a major study of coastal cities and their relationship with climate change.

The aim is to study the risks associated with climate change and to analyse the responses and solutions that may already exist, in order to provide an overview for decision-makers and managers in these areas.