An ocean think tank to rally and convince

Although essential, the role of the oceans in regulating our climate is poorly understood. To help people understand the need to protect marine ecosystems for our own survival, a knowledge dissemination and advocacy platform is attempting to rally international decision-makers.

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    Mathilde Nithart

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    €35,000 at the selection committee meeting on 10 April 2018

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Ocean and Climate Platform (OCP)

The oceans cover 71% of the earth's surface and absorb more than 25% of the CO2 emitted by humanity into the atmosphere every year. As the world's largest net supplier of oxygen, they play just as important a role as forests. And while they continue to limit global warming, they are also the victims of over-exploitation of resources and pollution: marine ecosystems are being degraded with the associated risk that the ocean's role as a climate regulator will be impaired. It is therefore urgent to maintain the functional quality of marine ecosystems and to restore those that are being degraded.

In 2014, several non-governmental organizations and research institutes joined forces to work towards this goal through the "Ocean and Climate Platform" (OCP). Launched with a view to COP21, the OCP directly contributed to oceans being mentioned in the Paris Agreement preamble.

Following COP21, the founders of the OCP decided to pursue their action to make the platform a lever for advocacy on ocean and climate issues by targeting politicians, decision-makers and the general public. Under the presidency of Romain Troublé (Tara Expeditions) and structured around a scientific committee coordinated by Françoise Gaill, the OCP brings together more than 70 actors from the marine and maritime sectors (academia, industry, NGOs, institutions). Its vocation is to promote scientific research and the protection of marine biodiversity and ecosystems. The OCP produces and disseminates scientific knowledge to political decision-makers, civil society, businesses and the media.

Thanks to its scientific expertise and institutional networks, the POC is a key player in the Ocean and Climate community. The objective is clear: to continue to explain how the ocean is impacted by climate change, but above all to show that, in the face of climate change, the ocean is in fact one of the solutions.