The 2022 winners

On 3 June 2022, Antoine Frérot, Chairman and CEO of the Group, awarded the Student Solidarity Awards 2022 to three winners.

At the Veolia Group's headquarters in Aubervilliers, Antoine Frérot, Chairman and CEO of the Group, awarded the 2022 Student Solidarity Prizes to three winners selected from 106 candidates. The three winning associations received a financial award to help them carry out their project.


  • "Eau Bénin (Water Benin)", from the "PC Coup de pouce" non-profit | ESPCI Paris

Project to rehabilitate 2 water wells and build water towers and standpipes equipped with photovoltaic panels for the 1500 inhabitants of the rural village of Agolèdji in southern Benin. Obtaining water takes up 5 hours of the village women's day, which prevents them from developing other income-generating activities. The primary school will be connected to the water supply and training will be offered to the village women. This project will improve the living conditions of women and children.

Sponsor: Emeric Malefant, Corporate Strategy and Innovation Department - EV Battery Reuse & Recycling, Veolia.


  • "Tri-haut pour l'Everest (High Sorting for Everest)", from the "Tri-haut pour l'Everest" non-profit | ENSE3 in Grenoble

Project to build a waste collection, sorting and recycling plant in the village of Pangboche, Nepal, at an altitude of 4,000 metres and 20 km from the Everest base camp. For the past 30 years, with the development of sports tourism, waste has ended up in an open-air landfill that pollutes the soil and water courses. The waste treatment unit will use a shredder, pyrolysis and two Precious Plastic machines in order to ensure that the project will be autonomous. 

Sponsors: Danielle Gerentet, Liquid and Hazardous Waste segment and Martin Champel, Business Support & Performance Department, Veolia.


  • “Kanndi Karr”, from the Sowers non-profit | ESCD 3A Rennes

Kanndi Karr, (literally "mobile laundry" in Breton) is a van fitted out with two washing machines and two dryers. The aim is to offer people experiencing financial insecurity a mobile laundry service and a moment of social interaction and sharing. The town hall of Rennes, France, has allowed it to be set up at the market place every other week, with access to water and electricity.

Sponsor: Armelle Perrin-Guinot, Sustainable Development Deputy Director - social commitments • Quality/Environment/Sustainable development, Veolia.